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Texas History Auction: Francis Moore, Jr. Map and Description of Texas, containing Sketches of its History, Geology, Geography and Statistics, John Disturnell. Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico, Viktor F. Bracht. Texas im Jahre 1848.Texans have a special relationship with their state’s history. If you grow up in Indiana, you don’t spend two years of your public school education on Hoosier history. Floridians don’t have a founding myth behind their state celebrated in cinema and song. North Dakota children don’t grow up hearing stories of the legendary figures who founded their (frankly) superfluous home state. But here, we remember the Alamo, quote Davy Crockett, and educate our children on the Battle of San Jacinto. All of that history makes for a tantalizing market for artifacts. Search “Wisconsin history” on the website for Heritage Auctions—one of the world’s biggest memorabilia auctioneers, based in Dallas—and you’ll find only a couple hundred items for sale or previously sold, most of them related to…

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