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Playing Texan: Lovin' MollyWhen it comes to films about Texas, it’s hard not to get hung up on the clothes. All too often, movie Texans look as though they got dressed inside a Spirit Halloween store: ten-gallon hats and cow-skull bolo ties, belt buckles the size of dinner plates, and shiny snakeskin boots fresh from the box. Those kinds of lazy exaggerations may fly in cartoons and commercials. But when it comes to seeing ourselves represented on the big screen, the fact is, clothes matter. They can mean all the difference between character and caricature.  “Indifference to detail,” as Larry McMurtry once wrote, “adds up to indifference to substance.” And McMurtry should know: he was writing, in his spare yet unsparing 1987 collection Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood, about Lovin’…

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