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Author Larry McMurtry (1936 - 2021) as he sits in his bookstore, Booked Up, in the late 1970s.It does have an odd ring to it, not unlike when you hear about a celebrity’s weird venture into franchising. Like, “Wow, I didn’t know Shaq liked pretzels so much . . .”The two-month-old news that Chip Gaines, of Fixer Upper and Joanna’s-husband fame, purchased revered Texas author Larry McMurtry’s Archer City bookstore has resurfaced on a national scale after a CNN spotlight earlier this week.The purchase was first reported by Archer County News late last year after, in what I imagine to be true Archer City fashion, a former owner of the newspaper saw Gaines carrying boxes of books out of Booked Up (which has been closed since McMurtry’s death in March 2021) and walked over and asked him what was going on. Easy…

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