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Favorite Tex-Mex and Mexican Food of 2022This year—for the first time since 2019—I felt a sense of normalcy in my travel itinerary. Traversing the state to eat at taquerias and other Tex-Mex joints and talk to chefs and purveyors is a big part of my job. In 2022, I spent 170 days on the road and ate at 450 restaurants, stalls, and food trucks. I still wore a mask in airports, on planes, and in businesses when required, but my work travel wasn’t as nerve-wracking as it had been. I was even able to return to Mexico—twice in two weeks. Through my sojourns, I learned a lot, I bought my weight in reference books, and, of course, I ate some stunning dishes near and far. I’ve recounted the best ones for you…

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