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Texas-Monthly-Gift-guide-illustration-presentes-featIt’s our favorite time of year, when we get to look across the state and beyond to cull gift ideas sure to please all the Texans, Texpats, and Tex-stans in your life. Some of these items are made in the state, while others were designed or inspired by standout Lone Stars. Others we’ll just call Texas-adjacent. These 24 suggestions are ordered in terms of price, from the sensible to the splurge. Happy holidays, y’all.The Hunter’s Bar from Wild Boar Man Soap, in Kerrville.Courtesy of Wild Boar Man SoapHunter’s Bar, Wild Boar Man Soap, $10.99While working for Broken Arrow Ranch in Ingram, near Kerrville, John Michon found himself with a surplus of lard. Remembering how his farming great-grandmother would take the lard left over from the…

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