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Made in Texas: Wild Boar Man SoapWhen he launched Wild Boar Man Soap, in 2015, John Michon didn’t set out to promote the wonders of feral hog fat. The 52-year-old hunter, who lives outside the Hill Country town of Kerrville, was just looking for a way to use the lard sourced by his then-employer, Broken Arrow Ranch, an Ingram-based producer and processor of game meats. He remembered his grandfather’s stories about living on a farm in Willis, in East Texas. “Every winter they’d slaughter a pig, and nothing went to waste,” says the former restaurateur and chemical plant operator. “My great-grandmother would add lard to lye to make soap, so I decided to give it a try.” His “certified Boarganic” soaps (and beard and lip balms) use local ingredients such as…

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