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Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas is led from the Williamson County jail after being arrested by Texas Rangers in 1979.Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google. Read the transcript below. Subscribe Apple Podcasts — Spotify — Stitcher — Google Podcasts People look to a Ranger to solve the crime. If somebody else can’t solve it . . . they figure that Ranger’s going to solve it. It puts a lot of pressure on you, being a Ranger.—Joe DavisToday’s Texas Rangers make a hard distinction between themselves and the men who rode alongside Jack Hays, J. M. Fox, or even Frank Hamer. But the hat and the badge—the Ranger mystique—still count for something. How does that Rangerness affect their approach to policing? How does it affect the people they’re investigating, tracking, and interrogating—the guilty . . . and the innocent?You can read more about the stories in this episode in Michael Hall’s original Texas Monthly feature…

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