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A statue of Texas Ranger Jay Banks at Dallas Love Field in the center of a row of Texas Rangers, date unknown. The statue was later removed in June 2020.Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google. Read the transcript below. Subscribe Apple Podcasts — Spotify — Stitcher — Google Podcasts When we ask what the Texas Rangers mean to Texas today, it gets to the heart of what we do with history. What do the people who came before us mean to us?In the past decade, historians and descendants of victims of La Hora de Sangre have raised awareness of the violence against Mexican Americans in the 1910s—including with new historical markers placed by the State of Texas. But organizers of the Texas Rangers’ bicentennial in 2023 want to remind Texans of the virtues that made Rangers legends in the first place.White Hats is produced and edited by Patrick Michels and produced and engineered by Brian Standefer, who…

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