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Texas Archive of the Moving ImageCesar Romero, still in his Joker makeup, smokes a cigarette while he chats with a reporter during the 1966 Austin premiere of Batman. A young, lushly sideburned George W. Bush gives an interview to a Midland TV station in 1980 in which he gushes about his dad’s recent vice-presidential nomination. In Dallas, an exhausted-sounding mother discusses her toddler’s mania for Barney the dinosaur. Clad in a canary-yellow turtleneck, American Bandstand host Dick Clark sits before a roaring fire, ladling hot Dr Pepper out of a punch bowl in a 1968 ad. A chorus from Houston’s West University Baptist Church sings a joyous ode to senior citizens, bursting into a refrain played on kazoos.  @texasarchive TURN ON THE SOUND! For your Sunday morning choir break, watch…

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