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Low and Slow Snacks.The first barbecue-flavored potato chips were developed by Herr’s in its Nottingham, Pennsylvania, factory in 1958. (Lay’s didn’t add the flavor until 1965.) Since then, various combinations of powdered ingredients have made barbecue a flagship flavor for most potato chip companies. While unique interpretations like Bourbon BBQ and Korean Barbeque from Kettle Brand and East African Barbecue Chili from Green Sahara have expanded the genre, there hasn’t been any real innovation in barbecue potato chips since the first one was introduced. That’s what Low and Slow cofounder Jared Drinkwater was looking to change when he threw some corn chips into his backyard smoker in 2019.Barbecue chips made from potato, corn, and tortillas are the current focus of the snack company, but the barbecue flavor doesn’t…

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