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Judge Maya Guerra Gamble speaks to Alex Jones during his trial at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin on July 26, 2022.This past week in the Travis County courthouse, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble achieved a feat that seemed impossible. Presiding over Alex Jones’s first trial to determine the damages he owes to families of Sandy Hook victims, Gamble repeatedly told the media personality, infamous (and on trial) for being recklessly vocal, to “stop talking” out of turn—and Jones, who had vowed on his show that having him in her courtroom would be Gamble’s “Waterloo,” dutifully complied. On Tuesday, during his first day of testimony, Judge Gamble reminded Jones that he had been briefed by his attorney not to talk about several things he had mentioned on the witness stand, including his false claims that “we’re bankrupt” and that he complied with the discovery process. After Jones had…

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