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Alex-Jones-Legal-Trouble-Bankruptcy-Sandy-HookOn a recent Friday afternoon, federal bankruptcy judge Christopher Lopez held a hearing in a case filed by Alex Jones, the Austin-based Infowars host who popularized conspiracy theories about Jade Helm, Pizzagate, and the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Everything about the filing had been curious. Jones himself wasn’t filing for bankruptcy—rather, it was a handful of business entities that he owns, none of which appear to do much real business or hold any significant assets. He even changed the name of the most important-sounding entity—InfoWars LLC—to “InfoW LLC” the week before the filing, apparently so that anyone who said that Infowars was going bankrupt would be technically incorrect. This was important, one his attorneys argued, because “Infowars is a prominent trademark in the…

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