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texanist el paso el chucoQ: Why do I sometimes hear El Paso referred to as El Chuco?Carlton Williams, San AntonioA: Many are the Texas towns possessed of appellations other than the official names by which they are known. Familiar examples of such nicknames include “Big D” (Dallas); “Cowtown,” “Panther City,” “Funky Town,” and “Queen City of the Prairie” (Fort Worth); “Space City,” “Bayou City,” “Clutch City,” and “H-Town” (Houston); “River City” and “Alamo City” (San Antonio); and “the City of the Violet Crown,” “the Live Music Capital of the World,” and, much less often, “Texanist Town” (Austin, where the Texanist lives). Temple, where the Texanist grew up, by the way, was at various times known as “Ratsville,” “Mudville,” and “Tanglefoot.” Many such sobriquets have backstories that are obscure, or even…

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