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Brisket, ribs, and more from Brantley Creek BBQ Co. in Odessa.Barbecue excitement doesn’t come to Odessa very often. Local stalwarts Jack Jordan’s Bar-B-Que and Johnny’s Bar-B-Q are both in their seventh decades of business. The last time I had reason to travel to the West Texas town on a barbecue trip was after Ed & Tom’s Bar-B-Q opened six years ago. There hasn’t been a whole lot in between or since, so I was skeptical about the praise I heard for Brantley Creek BBQ & Co. But the food truck that’s been serving out of the Odessa Camera parking lot since late 2019 is good enough to make Odessa a barbecue destination, and not just for Midlanders. “The bills didn’t stop coming, so we had to do something,” said Brandon McPherson, who lost his job…

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