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10/11/2013 Find Your Own Outdoor Oasis in the City
Your backyard is your own private escape from the noise of the city. It provides the perfect, quiet space to contemplate the day or gather with friends at the...
Jack McGrath
11/30/2012 Are You Properly Utilizing Your Outdoor Space?
Jack McGrath, Landscape Design Architect Your home is yours and only yours. It's a place where you unwind after work. A place where you entertain family and...
Jack McGrath
3/1/2012 Why Hiring a Landscape Architect is Smart Business
Get the Most Botanical for Your Buck The long-term, fiscal benefits of hiring a landscape architect over an inexperienced gardener or landscape designer far...
Jack McGrath
12/15/2011 A Practical Holiday Gift that Adds Value to Your Home
While some men are into gadgets and cars, what do you get the man who is more crafty and into home improvements? This holiday season give the gift of a new yard...
Jack McGrath
10/20/2011 Landscaping Tips for the Fall
Jack McGrath, Landscape Design Architect Dear Neighbors, I want to share some landscaping tips for fall that will not only keep your yard looking beautiful,...
Jack McGrath
10/19/2011 Landscape Design - How to Improve Outdoor Living
How much do you use your backyard? How about your front yard? These are the two spaces within our home that typically get used the least, however they are the...
Jack McGrath