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Eric Neidermayer with Mayor Mattie Parker (Photo credit: Stanley Johnson, PE Images)

The 34th Annual Jim Bradshaw Memorial Stars in Recovery event with featured speaker Jason Starkey took place on Thursday, April 21st at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, with more than 150 live and virtual attendees. Growing up in West Virginia, Starkey was the captain of an undefeated, Division 1 football team and received a scholarship as a walk-on at the University of Marshall where he played alongside Chad Pennington. Starkey went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals for 4 years. He bravely shared the journey of his spiral into addiction and how his wife's love, family support, and a “Thundering Herd” brotherhood helped Jason win his battle against addiction. With more than 15 years of sobriety, Starkey now travels to colleges and treatment programs sharing his story of recovery, inspiring hope, and insights on how to conquer addiction.

Once inside the reception hall Event Chair Shauna Jenkins and NBC Texas Today co-host, Kristin Dickerson welcomed attendees and brought Recovery Resource Council CEO, Eric Niedermayer to the stage to share new findings about how alcoholism and drug addiction are impacting our North Texas community. Niedermayer talked about the many ways the Council is supporting those seeking recovery and the tools the Council makes available to those seeking a life in recovery the tools to do so. Niedermayer then introduced Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker, who served as Honorary Chair for this year’s Stars in Recovery event. “It's really awesome when you get to be Mayor and you get to use your bully pulpit for good,” smiled Parker. “Believe me, there are no shortage of nonprofit events I get invited to go to, but I can promise you there is not one organization in this city that means more to me than Recovery Resource Council and I can say that from the bottom of my heart.”

Since its inception, the annual Stars in Recovery Luncheon has featured local citizens and well-known celebrities alike speaking publicly about their struggles and triumphs over alcohol, and substance misuse and mental health issues. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Recovery Resource Council, North Texas’ largest non-residential non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery of thousands of individuals and families struggling with alcohol, substance misuse and trauma. To learn more visit 

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