The Episcopal School of Dallas
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As part of their new study of cities and how they work, third graders at The Episcopal School of Dallas had the chance to speak with two Dallas City Council members about their work in our community.

Students are learning about how Dallas has changed over time and will be asked to imagine how it might change in the future. Each group will be assigned a different area of Dallas and asked to create a new landmark to draw people and resources to that particular area. Thanks to Councilman Omar Narvaez and Councilwoman Cara Mendehelson, students learned about their roles in imagining a better Dallas. Council members spoke about their day-to-day activities, how they got elected, and how the council works to support innovative problem-solving in our city. Several students even learned these council members represented the district they lived in!

In another effort to better understand the areas of Dallas, students also reached out to faculty and staff to learn more about where they live. Faculty were asked to answer questions like:

  • What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?
  • What makes it special or unique (i.e. landmarks, schools, community centers, restaurants, parks, etc.)
  • What do you know about the history of this area? Or, share a favorite memory. 
  • What is one change/innovation you would like to see in your part of the city? (i.e. more green space, more restaurants, etc.)

Aside from speaking with third graders about their roles on City Council, council members also took a tour of second grade's hydroponics projects that produced lettuce to SAGE for lunch at ESD. 

Thank you for visiting, Councilman Narvaez and Councilwoman Mendehelson!