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Last week, Film, English, and History classes at The Episcopal School of Dallas welcomed Mr. Marc Lapadula to campus for a series of lectures on film. Students attended "How To Watch Movies Like A Film Professor and Films That Changed America" and "Short Stories/Storytelling." Marc is a playwright, screenwriter and senior lecturer in Film Studies at Yale University, where he leads the screenwriting program.

During his talks, Mr. Lapadula discussed films like The Godfather and directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Francis Ford Coppola, citing these as examples of "top shelf" films. Students viewed and analyzed film clips from several films, including the work of our own Film teacher Bobby Weiss. Mr. Lapadula urged students to think about what makes a top-shelf film and the film angles, directing, and cinematography that go into them. 

Thank you to all who were involved in bringing Mr. Lapadula to speak and share with ESD students! 

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From Cary Porter, ESD Director of Bands

Over the past month, the students in the 7th Grade and US Bands and US Strings have been very busy and quite successful at every turn. There has been a big shift in the direction of the band program in particular this year and the results are speaking for themselves. The students' results are a culmination of many years, months, days, and hours of hard work. There are even more exciting times ahead with more competitions and performance opportunities as the size and the quality of the band program continues to grow.


US Band and US String students attended the Universal Studios Sound Design Workshop where they learned to the art of foley and producing a film soundtrack (which they performed), sound effects and voice-overs. The soundtrack and all the sounds you hear were produced by the students.


Vishal Sridhar '22 was once again selected to be part of the honor band, with members being selected out of hundreds of students auditionees from Independent Schools all over North and Central Texas. These students spent Friday evening and all day Saturday learning brand new music to be performed on Saturday afternoon. These students are some of the very best in the state, and to pull together a concert so quickly is nothing less than amazing.


Independent school students from all over North and Central Texas participated in the most important music event of the year. Performing solos one-on-one for judges and receiving ranking and comments based on their performances. This year the band took 11 students. 9 students received the highest, "Superior," rating possible, and two students received an "Excellent" rating which is the second highest rating.

One exceedingly proud stat is the ALL 7th Grade Band Students, even those who have been in the band only one quarter, received the highest "Superior" ratings for their performances.

Among the 11 students who competed, 2 US Band students, Vishal Sridhar and Sofia Sabella '22, received a "Superior" rating on solos deemed to be of the highest challenge. Their accomplishments have garnered them an invitation to the Statewide Solo Contest in May where they will be competing among the best of the best Independent School music students from all across Texas.

7th Grade Band

  • Logan '24 - "Superior" rating
  • Cara '24 - "Superior" rating
  • Ronnie '24 - "Superior" rating
  • Shivani '24 - "Superior" rating
  • Wheeler '24 - "Superior" rating
  • Luke '24 - "Superior" rating

US Band

  • William Hargrave '19 - "Superior" rating
  • Henry Isom '20 - "Excellent" rating
  • Sofia Sabella '22 - "Superior" rating - ADVANCED TO STATE CONTEST IN MAY
  • Vishal Sridhar '22 - "Superior" rating - ADVANCED TO STATE CONTEST IN MAY
  • Kenny Tran '21 - "Excellent" rating

Please join ESD in congratulating these band students on amazing jobs well done!

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2018 08 03_Tanzania'ESD Teachers'Talbot_0198 (1).J

The Episcopal School of Dallas is excited to welcome staff from our sister school in Tanzania to the ESD campus this week. When our faculty visited their campus last August, they observed classes, led clubs, co-taught, and demonstrated various ways of supporting student engagement. We are looking forward to the opportunity to reciprocate during their visit and allow them to share their craft as well as learn from our own.

Our visitors are:

  • Mr. Max: Head of the Permaculture Institute of Tanzania and VETA college
  • Mr. Lyimo: Campus Director, Kahunda, the second campus
  • Gati Fredrick Kerato: Head of the Primary School, our main sister school campus (through grade 7) at the main campus
  • Mr. Jonas: Assistant Campus Director: Kitongo and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ms. Deo: Matron and early years teacher on Kitongo campus
  • Ms. Atamba: currently in the Office of Student Development on Kitongo, but moving to our second campus to run the primary school.

Aside from visiting Kitongo last August, we welcomed the founder of Mainsprings, the organization who founded Joseph and Mary School, to campus in September. ESD also participates in collaborative science projects with their students. Just this week fifth-graders gathered water in the Quarry as part of their water testing project with Joseph and Mary. 

Please join us in welcoming our friends from Kitongo!

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ESD is excited to announce that eight more student-athletes committed to play their sport at the collegiate level. They will continue their academic and varsity athletic pursuits at the colleges and universities listed below:

Jack Betts, Amherst College; Football 

Adam Bland, Hendrix College; Baseball

Sriya Dodda, Columbia University; Crew

Elliot Duessel, Colgate University; Crew

Katelin Gildersleeve, Stanford University; Crew

Danny Kung, Washington and Lee University; Lacrosse

Lauren Marks, Yale University; Soccer

Bryce Miltenberger, Hobert and William Smith College; Crew


In November, ESD also had six student-athletes officially commit to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. These athletes signed National Letters of Intent to play at the universities listed below.

Scott Bower '19, University of Virginia 

Jay Browne '19, Stanford University

Caroline Cheetham '19, University of Southern California

Gianna Pope '19, University of Cincinnati

Carson Raney '19, The Ohio State University

Anna Winkeler '19, Arizona State University


Congratulations to our student-athletes on this incredible achievement! A multi-faceted group of athletes, artists, and academics, we anticipate additional members of the Class of 2019 may commit later this year

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Last week, ESD students in AP Microeconomics, Accounting, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship classes visited Addison TreeHouse, a co-working space and resource center for entrepreneurs. Addison TreeHouse was founded by the town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to invest in local entrepreneurs. Students spoke with representatives from TreeHouse about their opportunities, as well as with local entrepreneurs about their experiences founding their own businesses. Mayor of Addison Joe Chow also welcomed the students.

“I want the kids to be able to experience a co-working space used by entrepreneurs in Dallas and to see what options there are for entrepreneurs in the area. I'm hoping they can get a feel for what it’s like to use the space that is dedicated to giving entrepreneurs a location to brainstorm and work together,” said teacher Amy Livingston.

The students were able to tour the facility and its resources, as well as ask questions of the staff and Director Nancy Hong. What a great learning opportunity! Many thanks to all involved.

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Artists Work.jpg L - “Rubik’s Cube” by Scott Neuhoff; plywood, vinyl. R - “Lip Bite” by Story Langston; polyurethane. T - "Into the Fog" by Gianna Pope; photography.

Friends, faculty, and family recently celebrated the eight ESD seniors whose artwork was featured in the Dallas Young Artist Exhibition hosted at Blue Print Store on January 17. This new exhibition showcased Dallas' top high school artists across mediums. ESD was one of 15 local schools invited to participate.

Seniors Adam Bland, Izzy Gonzales, Story Langston, Scott Neuhoff, Anisa Noor, Gianna Pope, Annie Sawers, and Maddie Tong created works ranging from watercolor to ceramic sculptures to photography.

Congratulations to these artists on such an honor! 

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29 total ESD students have completed and passed the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) General Industry Certification. These students completed this training in Principles of Engineering and Robotics classes.

While some high school students earn this certification, this test is primarily designed for college and working professionals. We are proud of our students' achievements as they compare to state and national scores. These scores are combined from high school, college, and adult grades:

ESD Students             State Average                         National Average

Pretest:                       68.66%                        56.48%                                   57.99%

Posttest:                      86.06%                        83.72%                                   83.9%

Percent Change:          17.4%                         27.24%                                   25.91%

In Texas, having an OSHA card benefits those working in any industry, from the medical field to theme parks, manual labor, and construction. Next spring semester, a new group of ESD Engineering students will be taking the ESA-1 Industrial Certification and we will see if we can beat last years 58% pass rate. Congratulations to these hard-working students!

The following students completed the OSHA General Industry Certification and were recognized at a special town hall meeting:

Aston, Owen '20

Bakewell, Carter '21

Bannister, Ford '21

Butler, Brooks '20

DeYoung, Mason '20

Gangasani, Meera '20

Hess, Christopher '21

Hieber, Aidan '20

Huggard, Reece '21

Jones, Briggs '20

Knight, Zander '21

Knodel, Sydney '22

Knudson, Grace '21

Kozelsky, Dane '19

Kozielec, Gabe '22

Krispin, Peter, '21

Lindsey, Sam '21

Lutz, Lilly '21

Morash, Jackson '22

Nuth, Ryan '20

Pfaff, Andre '21

Powell, Judah '21

Raza, Danyal '22

Robinson, Kai '22

Seymour, Garrett '20

Viquez, Emma '19

Wharton, James '22

Wood, Hollis '21

Wysk, Alexander '22

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Earlier this month, 10 students at The Episcopal School of Dallas entered the Chopped kitchen – aka the ESD Food Science lab. Students were tasked with creating a dish using the three mystery ingredients in the basket: oranges, mint, and bacon. Their final dish must include a total of seven ingredients, including the three mystery ones.

Like in the Chopped kitchen, students had access to all the tools in the Food Science lab and a budget of $30 to purchase any ingredients in addition to the required three. They prepared three plates of their dish: one to share with their partner, one to share with the class, and one to share with the judges. Students were judged on overall appearance, taste, smell, and creativity.

Food Science students Jay Browne '19, Jake Carrell '20, Mackenzie Fain-Parish '19, Andrew Griffin '19, Truman Litle '19, Emma Name '19, Hannah Nwakibu '19, Bella Scott '19, Caroline Singleton '20, and Karenna Traylor '19 were organized into teams of two, where they researched and wrote a recipe denoting all of the requirements and ingredients to create their dish. They then had 45 minutes to create their dish before the judging.

Some of the dishes created were:

  • Bacon-Panko encrusted air fried chicken breasts in a homemade orange alfredo sauce with mint garnish 
  • Orange mint glazed & broiled salmon with loaded bacon baked potato salad 
  • Bacon-laced waffle with orange mint syrup 
  • Orange beef and bacon stir fry with mint rice
  • **The winner: Bacon wrapped asparagus with fried halloumi cheese with a balsamic orange mint dressing and homemade candied pecans

Not only did students practice the knife cuts they've learned throughout this semester, but also practiced meal planning and budgeting to create their individual dishes. Keep up the great work, Chefs!

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After studying Thomas Edison and various inventions, fourth-grade classes at The Episcopal School of Dallas brainstormed different problems that needed solving and worked together to develop potential solutions. They also pondered how inventions could emerge from combining two existing items. 

Students were then paired with a peer and were responsible for coming up with an original idea which they sketched and explained when filling out a "Student Patent Application."  Once approved, they designed a tri-fold board advertising their product.  Many also created company logos, t-shirts, and even slogans and jingles.  

Fourth-grade parents and Lower School classes attended Invention Convention where they got to hear the student inventors pitch their ideas.  Fourth graders were thoroughly engaged throughout this student-driven project. It allowed them to demonstrate creativity, independence, and ownership, and they thrived!

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Students at The Episcopal School of Dallas are already busy in AP Psychology learning about the nervous system. They made neurons (presynaptic and postsynaptic) out of candy yesterday to better understand the parts of a neuron. They were to use the following parts and label them with their partner:

  • Axon: Twizzler Pull Aparts
  • Dendrites: Sour Gummy Worms
  • Soma (Cell Body and Nucleus): Gummy Peachy Ring (Cell Body) and Lemonhead (Nucleus) 
  • Terminal Buttons: Skittles or M&Ms 
  • Myelin Sheath: Marshmallows
  • Vesicles: JujyFruits
  • Neurotransmitters: Nerds
  • Synaptic Cleft or Gap: Sour Punch Bites

Great work, Eagles!