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The Episcopal School of Dallas is excited to welcome staff from our sister school in Tanzania to the ESD campus this week. When our faculty visited their campus last August, they observed classes, led clubs, co-taught, and demonstrated various ways of supporting student engagement. We are looking forward to the opportunity to reciprocate during their visit and allow them to share their craft as well as learn from our own.

Our visitors are:

  • Mr. Max: Head of the Permaculture Institute of Tanzania and VETA college
  • Mr. Lyimo: Campus Director, Kahunda, the second campus
  • Gati Fredrick Kerato: Head of the Primary School, our main sister school campus (through grade 7) at the main campus
  • Mr. Jonas: Assistant Campus Director: Kitongo and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ms. Deo: Matron and early years teacher on Kitongo campus
  • Ms. Atamba: currently in the Office of Student Development on Kitongo, but moving to our second campus to run the primary school.

Aside from visiting Kitongo last August, we welcomed the founder of Mainsprings, the organization who founded Joseph and Mary School, to campus in September. ESD also participates in collaborative science projects with their students. Just this week fifth-graders gathered water in the Quarry as part of their water testing project with Joseph and Mary. 

Please join us in welcoming our friends from Kitongo!

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