The Episcopal School of Dallas

The graduation of the Class of 2016 returned home to ESD’s campus for the first time in 25 years. All Saints Chapel provided a beautiful backdrop for graduates to receive their diplomas, and subsequently toss their caps in celebration. Friends and family of the graduates, along with members of ESD’s faculty, looked on from Stoffel Commons as the speeches poured out.

Abigail Holman ’16, the senior class president, expressed gratitude for the class with a moving speech, valedictorian Kohl Swift ’16 spoke strongly about the class’s love and appreciation of the ESD community, alumnus Josh Stokes ’90 delivered a powerful commencement speech on bravery and writing their own story, and class-elected speaker Jack Kieffaber ’16 brought some humor to the table predicting the reasons alumni from the Class of 2016 will be one day considered “notable.”

It was a night to remember for the ESD community, and one that will be hopefully be repeated for years to come.

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