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Meika Bass, Alexis Bray, Lane McCormick, Madeline Toole, Annabel McGill.

The 2018 Dallas Symphony debutantes were honored at a cocktail reception and buffet dinner on November 22 at the Meyerson Symphony Center. The debutantes, honor guards and their families were welcomed by DSOL President Mari Epperson and Presentation Ball Chair Lori Routh.

Each of the 33 debutantes were formally introduced by emcee Stan Gardner and joined by an honor guard escort for the presentation. The evening was the start of the holiday weekend which included a mixer for the debs and honor guards, as well as a Bow Boot Camp for the debs.

During the Christmas Holidays, the Debs will return for another busy schedule of parties and bow practice. All the many events will culminate with the 32nd Presentation Ball which will be held on February 17, 2018.

Group photo by James French

Additional Photos by Deborah Brown


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