My Parish Moment: Parish is a verb

Parish Episcopal School 1/19 7:15A
"We do things at Parish," says Tracie Rom n, Upper School science. In this My Parish Moment, she explains how that makes Parish a verb.

Lakehill Students Dish Up Hope at Dallas Life

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 1/12 8:13A Gigi Ekstrom
Eighteen members of Lakehill Preparatory School's Upper School took time out of their holiday break to participate in a Warrior Outreach Organization (WOO) event at Dallas Life Homeless Shelter on...

First Mondays with Mr. Monaco: Alumni Heroes

Parish Episcopal School 1/10 2:16A
Dave Monaco catches up with Parish alumni about how they're doing in college and what challenges and triumphs they've had since leaving Parish.

Next Snack Shack: January 19 1/7 9:11A
Snack Shack is how the 4th grade raises money for their class gift back to Bradfield. Ms. Fabry's 4th grade class will be hosting -- see you after school on Friday, January 19.

Lakehill Hosts Admission Tea and Talk

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 1/5 8:31A Gigi Ekstrom
Lakehill Preparatory School is hosting an Admission Tea and Talk for prospective parents on Wednesday, November 10, at 11:30 a.m. The Tea will be held at Lakehills Alice and Erle Nye Family...
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