Cuban Mavericks Sale Sparks Gambling Conversation

The Bagpipe Online 1/26 4:09A Will Gaffey, Design editor
Following the sale of Mark Cuban s majority stake in the Mavericks to Miriam Adelson, widow of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, conversation has once again risen regarding the potential expansion of gambling to Texas. Because of the recent...

Gender Based Harassment Pervasive in Women’s Lives

The Bagpipe Online 1/25 4:48A Elaine Engel, Reporter
Motivational speaker and activist Marissa Cohen was hardly older than 10 years old the first time she was harassed. “I was in eighth grade the first time somebody kissed me without my consent,” Cohen said. “I was younger than that the first time...

Dallas Initiative Aims to Reduce Homelessness

The Bagpipe Online 1/25 4:00A Ellie Levy, Editorials editor
With an unhoused population of almost four and a half thousand, Dallas and Collin County’s streets are filled with the homeless, many forced to live in tents and beg for money to survive. But Christine Crossley, the director of the Office of...

Students Get Their Moment in The Sun

People Newspapers Schools 1/24 1:30A Daniel Lalley
Problem-solving, ingenuity, and teamwork are tools that extend far beyond the confines of any classroom.

Would-be Doctors See Future More Clearly

People Newspapers Schools 1/23 1:30A Contributor
Those prone to think, “My doctor looks like they are still in high school,” could have encountered a confirming sight at Scottish Rite for Children in October.

Hilites Club Reflects on Successful Fundraiser

The Bagpipe Online 1/22 4:40A Rohan Portteus, Reporter
Flashing lights, unique costumes, and loud music fill the air as students walk into the transformed gym for the annual Hilites dance. The dance was made possible by the Hilites Club, a team of 16 senior girls led by president Ellie Williams....

Review: “The Boys in the Boat” Offers Rushed and Unsatisfactory Plot

The Bagpipe Online 1/22 3:32A Juliana Stimac, News editor
Eight men to a boat, nothing between them and the finish line except the waves sloshing against the boatside. On Dec. 25, 2023, The Boys in the Boat, a movie following the American men’s rowing team at the 1936 Olympics was released. The Boys in...

How To Meal Prep

The Bagpipe Online 1/19 5:00A Mila Segal, Designer
The new year usually brings many resolutions for healthier living, which often starts with eating cleaner and meal prepping. However, for many it is hard to consistently prepare meals ahead of time because of busy schedules and lack of planning....
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