ACAES USA participated in the 7th Annual Fundraising Luncheon for Girls' Education and Gendercide Awareness on Friday, April 12th, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Kudos to Gendap Founder Beverly Hill for her incredible efforts! Support the mission to send at-risk girls in low-income countries to school. Featured in the photos are volunteers Kenzie Song, Monica Howe, Coco Li, Sara He, June Chow, Jan Xie, and Mr. and Mrs. Hill. 


On May 19th, the ACAES-GAHD Youth Chapter proved their dedication to the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team extended far beyond cheers at the White Rock Lake Race in Dallas.(The city of  Dallas hosted its first Asian Heritage Festival and Dragon Boat race over the weekend.)Their hard work played a crucial role in securing an impressive second-place finish.

Building a Dream Together: Pre-Race Collaboration

Months before the race, a blossoming collaboration saw the GAHD Chapter, led by President Guanyan Li, delve into the world of dragon boating. Not only did they learn the sport’s intricacies, but they also actively participated in developing the GAHD Dragon Boat Team’s training program. Their after-school hours were dedicated to researching, creating a detailed and scientifically sound training schedule in collaboration with the team’s coaches.

Rigorous Training: Dedication and Support

The training itself was demanding. The ACAES-GAHD Chapter joined the dragon boaters for grueling physical conditioning and technical drills. Their support went beyond sweat and exertion. They handled essential logistics, from preparing water and checking equipment to recording training data to optimize future sessions.

Learning by Experience: Honing Skills and Building Bonds

This wasn’t just observation for the youth team members. They actively participated in paddling practice, experiencing the challenges and thrills of the sport firsthand. As they honed their own paddling skills, they learned valuable strategies and techniques from the seasoned dragon boaters, forging a strong bond between the two groups.

Race Day: Enthusiasm and Teamwork Fuel Near Victory

Race day saw the ACAES-GAHD Chapter arrive early, their enthusiastic cheers providing a welcome morale boost to the dragon boat racers as they assisted with final equipment checks. The GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team delivered an exceptional performance, narrowly missing first place by a mere 0.01 seconds.

Celebrating Perseverance and Teamwork: Recognizing Contributions

The near victory was a testament to the power of teamwork and perseverance. GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team Captain Jin Li praised the youth team’s unwavering support and positive energy, acknowledging their vital role in the impressive race result.

A Transformative Experience

For the ACAES-GAHD Chapter, the experience was transformative. They gained valuable insights and skills, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors. ACAES USA President Jan Xie stated, “Guanyan Li and the youth team had a great opportunity to grow and learn, with significant improvements. We hope they continue to serve the community.”

A Shining Example: Inspiring Young People

This successful collaboration between the GAHD Dragon Boat Racing Team and the ACAES-GAHD Chapter serves as a shining example for young people. It highlights the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication, inspiring them to embrace sports and contribute to future achievements.


The Plano community vibrated with captivating melodies, soft vocals, and moving dances on May 11th as the "Zhang Chen Art School Ninth Annual Performance 2024" took center stage. Under Mrs. Zhang Chen's expert direction, singers, dancers, and musicians showcased their exquisite skills and unique styles, adding a vibrant touch to Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The evening kicked off with a video reviewing the nine years of teaching at Zhang Chen Art School, which touched everyone in the audience. The stage design and lighting effects transported the audience to a dreamlike world, enhancing each song, dance, and piano performance. Thunderous applause followed every act, leaving everyone eager for the next one.

A Celebration of Collaboration

Heartfelt thanks go to Junxi Xu, President of the ACAES - ZCAS (Asian Cultural And Education Society - Zhang Chen Art School) Chapter, and his dedicated team. Their leadership and tireless efforts in organizing the concert, including planning and securing a volunteer support team, were invaluable. Mrs. Zhang Chen extends her gratitude to all performers and volunteers who contributed to the event's success.

Serving the Community

This free, public performance exemplified Zhang Chen Art School's commitment to enriching Plano's cultural and artistic landscape. It was both well-supported and received with resounding applause!

Building the Future

Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Society (ACAESUSA), congratulated Zhang Chen Art School on the success of their annual performance. She also commended the newly formed ACAES - ZCAS Chapter. 

"We are fortunate to have such a dedicated Chapter of youth promoting Asian culture through singing, dancing, and piano playing, all while serving the community," said Jan Xie. "This year's President, Junxi Xu, displayed exceptional leadership and dedication. We wish Zhang Chen Art School continued success in nurturing artistic talent!"

A full list of performers and volunteers who participated in this benefit event will be provided below.

Link for larger pictures available here

Junxi Xu, Jianhui Wang, Qin Mingxia, Jefferson Li, Yu Jin, Wenya Hu, Samuel Yin, Rouxuan Wang, Liya Wang,  Nicholas Du, Kayla Zhang, Nikila Rajan, Milin Chen, Wilson Tang,  Kristen Chen, Bohan Xuan, Muffie Tian, Emily Wang, SummerYang, Weili Lin, Yuhan Pang, Ruyi Zhang, Jessie Wang, Kate Huang, Mina Young, Kunlu Wang, Melody Xia, Hansen Chen, Oliver Wang, Nathan Chen, Logan Tian, Zoe Chen, Victoria, Grace Fan, Cihan Chen, Hailin Wang, Ava Xia, Nora Ma, Anya Hu, Luna Ding, Evan Chen, Elizabeth Sue, Yiyi Wang, Emma Wang, Andy Han, Luna Ding, Lucas Ding, Yulian Lin, Angela, Lucas Chen, Jodie Lin, Alvin Fang, Anxin Dai, Andy Han,Anna Zhang, Jeremy Wang, Seraphina Li, Le Xing, Xin Tong, Jiaqi Zhao, Julian Liu, Edric Yan, Emily You, Summer Yang, Jodie Lin, Li Li, Angela Jian, Daniel Huang, Ciyun, Chen Zhang and Jan Xie.


ACAESUSA Celebrating Community Unity: Highlights from the 2024 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival


The Asian Culture And Education Society USA flawlessly orchestrated the 2024 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, marking the joyful conclusion of the Year of the Dragon. Amidst a vibrant atmosphere, adorned with colorful lanterns, attendees gathered to express gratitude to the dedicated volunteers whose efforts enrich our community's cultural landscape and positively impact countless lives. Special recognition was given to those who generously support youth empowerment and the Asian community.

Several awards were presented during the event, including the Inspirational ACAESUSA Mentor Award to Gendap President Mrs. Beverly Hill, and Mr. Jay Ho. The AAPI Media Excellence Award was bestowed upon Hojun Choi and Tiffany Liou, while the Inspirational AAPI Leader Award went to Yosselin Muller. Culture Volunteer award to Wenkuan Ma,  Youth Volunteer and Youth Leadership Awards were presented to Eric Wang, Jessica Wu, and Amy Xu, along with accolades for the ACAES collations of each youth council team and chapter presidents and leaders.

During the event, Ms. Beverly Hill played a crucial role in hosting the swearing-in ceremony of the 2024 Youth Councils, with Mr. Vincent Wang assisting remotely. This symbolized a new chapter of leadership and service within our community.

Guests were treated to captivating performances, including enchanting cello and guitar music, as well as heartfelt singing, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy. The abundance of delicious food served throughout the evening further enhanced the overall experience for all attendees.

The event's success was made possible by the generosity of sponsors, particularly Jay and Liping, whose venue sponsorship was integral to its success.

The list of sponsors underscores their invaluable contributions to ensuring the event's triumph. These include Linghua Kong (Gold), Fat Ni BBQ (Silver), Dr. Chuling Jiang, Tianle Tong, Mr. Tan, MT Jewelry (Bronze), and Zhao Star China Bistro,UCA (Friend).


During a sincere speech, ACAESUSA President Jan Xie encouraged the newly appointed Youth Councils to be outstanding cultural ambassadors, promoting unity and compassion. Stressing the significance of dedication and love in their work, President Xie highlighted the importance of helping those in need, fostering a society where everyone can prosper and feel fulfilled.





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Asian Culture and Education Society USA ACAESUSA extends congratulations to the #dallastexas for the successful 2024 Lunar New Year celebration event held today.

Our ACAESUSA game and calligraphy tables were bustling with activity, and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Our volunteers were especially enthusiastic about hosting the chopsticks games and distributing Rubik's Cubes, the Yellow Whistle, red envelopes, toys, candies, and flower lei necklaces...


It was a truly remarkable event that promoted the Lunar New Year holiday and supported the AAPI community in celebrating.A special thanks goes to Dr. Chen Yuan, Community Outreach Representative at the #dallaspolicedepartment, for assisting our ACAESUSA youth volunteers and parents. Thanks for donating those whistles, Committee of 100. Thanks to United Chinese Americans - UCA for their donation of the red envelopes.Thanks to the Tsinghua University DFW Alumni group for helping us secure a good price for the toys. We are grateful to Jessica Alvarado, Manager of Public Services at the City of Dallas Vickery Park Branch Library, for arranging the tables for us. 

"We appreciate the City of Dallas Police Department for not only ensuring public safety but also aiding the Asian community in Lunar New Year festivities. Thank you!" - Jian Xie, President of Asian Culture and Education Society USA. (



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The 2023 AANHPI UNITY SUMMIT was successfully held in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, from September 25 to 27, 2023. This conference was organized by the Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) on Capitol Hill. Mrs. Jan Xie, President of the Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA (ACAESUSA) and Secretary of AAUC, led ACAESUSA team to attend this conference. 

 Several distinguished individuals received well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions:

  US Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi was honored with the Dilip Singh Saund Political Leadership Award.

  US Rep. Grace Meng received the Norman Mineta Public Service Award. 

  Dr. Romesh Japra was celebrated with the Community Service Award. 

  Mr. C. C. Yin was acknowledged as Philanthropist of the Year.

  Ms. Tammalivis Salanoa presented with the President’s Award for Young Asian Pacific Island American.

  Ms. Jessica Wu from Highland Park High School received the President’s Special Award for Youth.

  The hard work of the organizing team, led by Dr.Lo, President of the Asian American Unity Coalition, was instrumental in the success of the conference. The event garnered significant support from various dignitaries, including Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, Congresswoman Grace Meng from New York, Congresswoman Judy Chu from California, Congressman Sri Tanada from Michigan, and numerous House and Senate staffers who attended the Capitol Hill reception.

  A small delegation from the conference attended a White House briefing in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building. During the briefing, they established connections with senior administration officials and explored opportunities for future collaborations, demonstrating the government's concern for Asian and Pacific Islander communities.Jan Xie emphasized the contributions of Chinese Americans in the United States and expressed her wish to stop Asian hate. Chinese Americans are not spies in the U.S., nor are they the COVID19 Virus; Chinese Americans work hard in the U.S. and contribute to the U.S., not come to get U.S. benefit without working for it.


The ACAESUSA volunteers

On August 19, 20 members of the Asian  Culture and Education Society USA (ACAESUSA) volunteered at the 2023 Chinese Institute of Engineering annual conference at the University of Texas at Dallas and leveraged yellow whistles to educate the audience about diversity, equity and conclusion. 

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The Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1917. 

The ACAESUSA Youth volunteers helped the CIE’s Youth STEM Conference this year, putting together  fun Math programs to entertain and educate students from K-8th grades. They also distributed yellow whistles at the event, and handed out “Stop Asian Hate” cards. Through these activities, ACAESUSA youth members educated community members about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, and inspired everyone to stand in solidarity against anti-Asian hate. UCA-DFW and USSDFA-DFW youths also helped with distributing yellow whistles and prizes to the young students at the conference. 

Jan Xie, ACAESUSA’s founder said, “It’s important for our youths to develop a strong sense of community service and volunteerism at a young age. That helps reduce bias, stereotypes and hate, and make our society better.” Mrs. Xie congratulated the Chinese Institute of Engineering on having a successful annual conference, and expressed gratitude to Committee 100 and the Yellow Whistle Project for their continued support of community grassroots level outreach efforts across the U.S. in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.


The first Asian Pacific American Youth Summit (2022 APAYS), covering the theme: Engage, Inspire, and Empower, was held both in-person at  Las Vegas and virtual on November 23 and 24, 2022. Over a thousand people virtual watched this free Conference.



The opening remarks by the chair of the The 2022 APAYS Jessica Wu thanks everyone for coming. Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr. gave a welcome speech. The Session Chairs are Serene Luo, Crystal Luong, Shivalika Vig, Hei man Cheung and Arielle Li. The meeting organized by the Asian Cultural and Educational Society (ACAESUSA) and the ACAESUSA Youth Council Leadership Team. The summit aimed to create a community platform for AAPI youths to interact with each other, to work together, and to learn from each other to build their trust and confidence.

 At the conference, a variety of culture topics selected by the Youth Council Leadership Team and current challenges faced by the Asian Pacific Islander youth communities were discussed and presented. Those topics and challenges include mental health, gender differences, traditional American culture, Asian culture, economic development, and challenges on choosing career options for the future, among others.

 The participating youths heard a variety of speeches on business, computers, and healthcare systems given by invited professors and scholars, including stories from some successful entrepreneurs. Like Ellen & Brian, Jingling Li..."We truly appreciate speakers like you who are willing to give their time and talents to enrich the lives of our young people." by the chair of the APAYS 2022 Jessica Wu. 

 The youth have worked very hard. If you would like to know more, please click here.



ACAESUSA youth volunteers were recognized for their outstanding volunteer services with the 2022 UCA Volunteer Award. Congratulations to the following students: Highland Park High school student Eric Wang, Highland Park High School student Jessica Wu, Andrew Xu and Amy Xu; Highland Park Middle School student Emily Wang; Plano East Senior High School student Serene Luo.

 On November 6th, 2022, Shirley Ma, Conference Logistics Chair and Volunteer Coordinator, presented the award to the students on behalf of UCA for their outstanding dedication to the 2022 Chinese American Convention and UCA National Youth Convention. Shirley Ma encouraged them to continue their efforts. UCA President Haipei Shue was unable to attend due to a business trip, but he asked Shirley Ma to thank and encourage the students.

During the conventions, because their booth was near the entrance, they provided volunteer counseling services to hundreds of attendees each day. They also helped the exhibitors to set up during the conventions. The students were exhausted every night with many of them lost their voices. Jan Xie, President of ACAESUSA, appreciated UCA's great support and encouragement to the ACAESUSA youth team. 

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The Asian Cultural and Education Society USA Free Summer Cultural Awareness Program was successfully held on June 4th. This year's event was planned and executed entirely by the Asian Cultural and Education Society USA Youth Group. Thanks to our sponsor, Onion Creek Ranch, for the over 200 acres of land and the lake housing lotus flowers, running deer, wildflowers, and a shooting range. The wide open space made this event even more informative than last year, and both parents and children had a great time. 


The camp’s directors, Jessica Wu and Andy Xu thank the campers for their great performances and their parents  for their support.

 Amy, Jessica, Andy, and Samuel met ahead of time to discuss the event and decided to run it in conjunction with the Asian Cultural and Education Society Youth Leadership Camp. The youth volunteers who came to the training used their knowledge to plan and organize the event with greater efficiency. 


From left to right: Emily Wang, Warner Yan, Dayou Wu, Crystal Luong, Andy Xu, Jessica Wu and Eric Wang. We also thank the youth volunteers Amy Xu, Samuel Wu, Joanne Jin, Eric Wang, Amber Wang, Grace Wang and William Xu who overcame Covid -19 virus and the hot weather to organize the event successfully. The event was well received by the parents who attended the camp.



On the day of the event, each volunteer enthusiastically welcomed new friends, and they introduced each other to their new friends. The students made gifts for the Independence Day parade, strung charity sale bracelets, made dumplings and Zongzi, rafted in the lake, fished, roasted marshmallows at night, and looked at the moon through a big telescope.  Also, the students and the parents shot guns on the firing range, barbecued BBQ for dinner, grilled lamb kebabs. We listened to each of the parents share their favorite stories about their children and laughed until late at night.


Asian Cultural and Educational Society USA is a 501C3 non profit organization, You can  join ACAESUSA by sending an email to

You can find more information at