Vintage Tex Hosts Styling Party For All Of Your Halloween Needs

DFW Style Daily 10/12 9:43A Milan Merlo
This year for Halloween think upscale vintage with Vintage Tex. Tomorrow Friday, Oct. 13, Vintage Tex is hosting a Halloween styling party for all your creative costume needs. Hosted at their historic location on Main Street the event will take...

Fashion X Dallas Noir Recap

DFW Style Daily 10/7 9:32A Lisa Petty
Dallas fashion lovers united last weekend for the annual runway show put on by Fashion X  as it celebrated its fourth year in Dallas this year with Fashion X Dallas Noir. The event took place at Sixty Five Hundred ready to host up to 1,000 [ ]

Getting Ready for Diner en Blanc

DFW Style Daily 10/5 1:41P Lisa Petty
The iconic Dîner en Blanc is hosting its third year in Dallas after 30 years running. François Pasquier started the dinner in Paris and has hosted in prestigious locations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Château de Versailles. The dinner takes...

AFRIMMA X AXXES African Fashion Show

DFW Style Daily 10/4 5:00A Lisa Petty
This weekend African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is partnering with AXXES, a leader in healthcare software and consulting space and the city of Dallas to present an innovative African fashion show and music festival. “You can’t talk about the...

Ninth Annual DIFFA Burgers and Burgundy

DFW Style Daily 10/1 9:24A Milan Merlo
Get ready for hand-crafted burgers with wine pairings, DJ entertainment and the reveal of DIFFA Style Council Ambassadors and House of DIFFA theme, next weekend at the Joule Hotel. This year will be Burgers Burgundy’s ninth annual event presented...

Nordstrom Gets Luxe With Everlane Pop-In

DFW Style Daily 9/29 5:00A Evan McAlister
Your favorite Everlane essentials will be popping into Nordstrom today at NorthPark Center. The pop-up will be available in eight Nordstrom stores from today until November 12. Continuing with their commitment to being transparent, Everlane...

Turning Summer Clothes into Fall

DFW Style Daily 9/28 5:00A Gabi Saithsoothane
The stage between switching out your summer clothes and bringing back your fall wardrobe is always a really awkward transition. You never know whether you should tuck your crop tops away for the winter or keep them out just in case. The weather...

Fashion X Dallas “Noir”

DFW Style Daily 9/27 7:22A Elena Alvarez
Fashion X is celebrating its 4th year in Dallas with their upcoming show, Fashion X Dallas “Noir. This one-night-only event on September 30th will feature 15 runway designers and pop-up shops from the best emerging jewelry and accessories...

Dallas Gets Disco Fever With New Fashion Exhibit

DFW Style Daily 9/26 5:00A Evan McAlister
We sat down with co-owner of Vintage Martini, Ken Weber, and talked inspiration, style and all things 70s. The vintage guru gave us a peek into his fabulous vintage filled life and his second collaboration with Galleria Dallas featuring 75...

Fall Booties For Your Zodiac Sign

DFW Style Daily 9/25 5:00A Elena Alvarez
Fall weather is approaching and with that comes fall fashion! Booties, a staple in any autumn wardrobe, can make or break your outfit. We all know that the standard black or taupe block-heel ankle booties can get boring. Lucky for you, we ve...

Iconic Moments With Manolo Blahnik In Honor Of His Movie Premiere

DFW Style Daily 9/22 9:18A Milan Merlo
Premiering today in theaters worldwide, Manolo: the Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards is an in-depth portrait of master shoe designer Manolo Blahnik and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of the fashion icon. Love Manolos? We ll see you at the...

Best Friends Holly Peyton And Hannah Francis Launch Drifters Vintage

DFW Style Daily 9/21 5:00A Elena Alvarez
Autumn is the ideal time to fill the voids in our wardrobe left by your cutoffs with vintage goodies. Cue: Drifter’s Vintage. The Curated vintage shop was created by best friends, Holly Peyton (LEV is the name of her electro-pop alter ego) and...

StyleCon Taps Into Dallas’ Millennial Market

DFW Style Daily 9/19 5:00A Amber LaFrance
Calling all fashion and beauty lovers! The first-annual StyleCon is hitting Dallas this Saturday, Sept. 23. An army of young fashion and beauty obsessees will descend upon Fashion Industry Gallery (f.i.g.) at 9 a.m. as the Cali-based event kicks...

The Anti-Aging Ingredient You Should Know About: Marine Collagen

DFW Style Daily 9/15 6:00A Milan Merlo
When it comes to skincare, collagen is the basically the holy grail and a new formula hitting the markets is already making waves in the beauty industry. Marine collagen is the new it factor for your skin. This upcoming product contains vital...
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