Designer Digs

Dallas Tidbits 3/24 2:44A amy
You're desperately in need of a change. Should you: A. Cut bangs B. Do a green juice cleanse C. Try out the brand new Wheelhouse opening tomorrow in the Design District We vote C. The sure to be hot...

Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Not Dead

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/23 4:00A Riley Heruska
It seems practically archaic to imagine parking your car, dimming the lights, and enjoying a film outside as soon as the sun sets. I mean, where are the Cinemark-style leather seats or the impressive...

Crème de la Canine

Dallas Tidbits 3/22 6:00P meganf
Your monthly pampering budget has more funds allocated to your pup’s hair and nail treatments than your own. Put her best paw forward with tailored accessories from new Lucky Puppy Adventures ....

Ten Great Shows Your Children Can Stream

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/22 4:00A Riley Heruska
Although its often tempting to just turn the TV on and let your little one watch whatever brightly-colored kid show is playing at the time, theres some comfort in knowing what shows your children are...

Connect with Biophilia at the Garland Community Garden

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/22 2:32A Liz Berry
Heirloom Peach Blossoms - Garland Community Garden:  It's true.  You will feel better after viewing things in Nature. Philia is one of the four Greek words for love ( philia, storge, agape and eros...

Sold-Out Alert!: 2017 Recess

My Sweet Charity 3/21 12:30P Jeanne Prejean
Another state of “Sold Out” has been revealed. Friday night’s Recess at the Dallas Arboretum is a done deal. As for those predictions of stormy weather, they won’t be a problem because the...

4th Annual Dallas Jazz Age Sunday Social

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/21 7:22A Elizabeth Lenart
Join us at noon for the historic flag raising ceremony of the replica of Dallas long-lost city flag!   Watch this Jazz Age Sunday Social video from last year ! Don your best 20s attire or walking...

Why You Should Be Visiting Canyon Lake

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/21 4:00A Riley Heruska
Texas is home to hundreds of lakes, and even though almost every single one is man-made, we Texans have a penchant for everything lake-related. Fishing, jet-skiing, sunbathing, tubing, you name it,...

Sold-Out Alert!: 2017 Art In Bloom

My Sweet Charity 3/21 4:30A Jeanne Prejean
Whops! Yesterday it was reported that no “Sold Outs” had been announced for the spring fundraising season following spring break. Today word arrived that that status had changed. 2017 Art In Bloom s Seasons Of Love * Not only is the 2017 Art In...

Five Books for Teens About Mental Health Issues

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/20 8:16A Riley Heruska
Despite what some may think, the genre of young adult literature encompasses a vast array of topics besides adventure-packed dystopian worlds and ridiculous vampire romances. There are hundreds of...

How to Test Your Soil

Park Cities BubbleLife iReporter 3/20 4:40A Liz Berry
pH is a numeric expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are more acid, and higher values more alkaline. The pH is equal to -log 10...

The Village Voice

Dallas Tidbits 3/20 4:29A amy
Maybe it's all those French movies you've been watching lately, but there's something undeniably appealing about walking around an open air market with a baguette and bouquet of flowers sticking out...
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  • Doris Jacobs sells 3608 Beverly Drive! Doris Jacobs Real Estate Read

    Doris Jacobs sells 3608 Beverly! Situated in Highland Park on ultra-exclusive Beverly Drive near Dallas Country Club, this 9,279-square-foot, 6/7.1 spectacular clean-lined Mediterranean masterpiece is nestled on a gorgeous 80’ x 195’ lot. Offered at $6,950,000. Click link for information.

  • Top 5 Ways to Afford Private School The Episcopal School of Dallas Read

    Too often families rule out private school based on tuition alone. Before you rule anything out, download our free how-to guide to learn how to afford a private school education. You may be surprised to learn it’s within your reach.

  • Light Up Your Smile with TouchWhite Highland Park Dental Read

    Highland Park Dental announces TouchWhite Tooth Whitening to quickly erase dental stains. Rather than harsh bleaching methods that take months to produce results, this treatment uses powerful yet gentle laser energy to dramatically whiten teeth without damaging roots or gums. Call 214-521-3730 to learn more.

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