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Gelato and Friendship

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 10/11 12:00A Erin Schreyer
This past summer, my family and I went to a local gelato shop after dinner. We were escaping the Dallas heat and enjoying our refreshing treats inside the bright little cafe, when two families walked...

The Often Dismissed Importance of Self-Standards

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 10/7 4:25A Kay
This morning as I parked in front of the house upon returning from a Top-Pot donut run (funny thing about having kids, donuts re-entered my life I know that s not the case for everyone,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for...

Who (and Whose) Are You?

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 9/27 6:37A Erin Schreyer
One of my favorite things to enjoy as the mother of a pre-teen is the afternoon pick-up after school. I love when my daughter gets in the car, drops her backpack and exhales. It reminds me not to take...

Wake Up, World!

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 9/11 5:14A Erin Schreyer
While driving to a tennis match recently, traffic was abruptly halted. I was on the beltway around the city in the morning commuter rush, so I expected delays, but this was a complete stop. I couldn t...

Surviving Sadness, to my Surprise!

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 8/17 10:16A Erin Schreyer
If you know me, you know I m a crier. My soft heart sends tears to my eyes often. Worship music? Tears of gratitude. Hallmark movie? Tears, even with the awareness of predictable, corny ending within...

RHOD Memes: Season 2, Episode 1

Oh So Cynthia 8/15 2:11A (Cynthia Smo
Real Housewives of Dallas kicked off last night for the Season 2 premiere. Below are a couple of memetastic moments from last night's debut episode. I attended a private viewing party at Highland Park Village Theater hosted by LeeAnne Locken and...

Freshman (college) to Freshman (high school) Advice

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 8/11 11:22A Kay
The college domino affect started a few years ago in our house. With five kids, we knew it loomed on the horizon since the days when they were little tykes, convinced that swimming in a plastic pool... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

Believing in Miracles

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 8/6 7:09A Erin Schreyer
Some of my best times with Jesus happen at our lake house. I love the quiet of the mornings there, where the only sounds I hear are the water lapping up against the dock, the birds greeting each other...

Change – Managing More than Nickels & Dimes

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 8/4 11:10A Kay
Sure death and taxes are inevitable, but so is change. I don’t about you, but we’ve got a lot going on in this house. New schools (new college, new high school, middle school), new teachers for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
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