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RHOD Memes: Season 2, Episode 1

Oh So Cynthia 8/15 2:11A (Cynthia Smo
Real Housewives of Dallas kicked off last night for the Season 2 premiere. Below are a couple of memetastic moments from last night's debut episode. I attended a private viewing party at Highland Park Village Theater hosted by LeeAnne Locken and...

Freshman (college) to Freshman (high school) Advice

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 8/11 11:22A Kay
The college domino affect started a few years ago in our house. With five kids, we knew it loomed on the horizon since the days when they were little tykes, convinced that swimming in a plastic pool... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

Believing in Miracles

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 8/6 7:09A Erin Schreyer
Some of my best times with Jesus happen at our lake house. I love the quiet of the mornings there, where the only sounds I hear are the water lapping up against the dock, the birds greeting each other...

Change – Managing More than Nickels & Dimes

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 8/4 11:10A Kay
Sure death and taxes are inevitable, but so is change. I don’t about you, but we’ve got a lot going on in this house. New schools (new college, new high school, middle school), new teachers for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

That’s Not What I Had Planned

Erin Schreyer's Leadership Life Legacy Blog 8/2 12:25P Erin Schreyer
I am a planner. I m not an over-scheduler; not a stuck-in-the-details micro-manager; not a there s-only-one-way-to-do-it control-freak. But I am a goal-oriented, work-your-plan achiever. I like having...


The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 6/23 5:06A Kay
Grief is a funny thing. Not funny ha-ha. Funny in that though its a concept   it acts like thing, a person, a force. It inflicts pain like a punch to the gut one minute, then it weighs down as... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

Never losing sight of dinner’s deeper nutritional value

The MOAT Blog (Park Cities Resident Kay Wyma) 6/10 5:17A Kay
Cleaning House Boot Camp: Week 1 “Get ready for some good food, Mom,” dinner-kid shouted to me from the kitchen. “I’m such a good cook, I already have my own bakery. It’s called Jack’s... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for...
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