Type: Calendar

  1/22/2019 Piano Master Class with Guest Artist Stijn De Cock Lee Gleiser
  1/23/2019 Stijn De Cock: Guest Piano Recital Lee Gleiser
  1/26/2019 “Natural Machines”: Dan Tepfer, Jazz Pianist/Compo Lee Gleiser
  1/27/2019 Dan Tepfer and the Julius Quartet Lee Gleiser
  2/1/2019 Meadows Chamber Orch. Student Conductors’ Concert Lee Gleiser
  2/3/2019 Meadows Chamber Orch. Student Conductors’ Concert Lee Gleiser
  2/6/2019 Daria Rabotkina: Guest Piano Recital Lee Gleiser
  2/7/2019 Meadows Opera Theatre: Our Town Lee Gleiser
  2/9/2019 Pawel Wnuk Faculty Recital: The Baroque Bassoon Lee Gleiser
  2/11/2019 Imperial Brass Concert Lee Gleiser
  2/14/2019 Liudmila Georgievskaya: Valentine’s Piano Recital Lee Gleiser
  2/15/2019 Meadows Wind Ensemble: Heavy Metal–An Eclectic Mix Lee Gleiser
  2/22/2019 Stefan Engels Faculty Recital: Discover J.S. Bach Lee Gleiser
  2/23/2019 Distinguished Faculty Concert Series: Alessio Bax Lee Gleiser
  3/2/2019 Thomas Schwan:Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 Lee Gleiser
  3/3/2019 Meadows Chorale, Diva Dolce and Meadows Chamber Lee Gleiser
  3/20/2019 Organ Master Class Lee Gleiser
  3/22/2019 Meadows Wind Ensemble: Pops, Then and Now . . . Lee Gleiser
  3/23/2019 Distinguished Faculty Concert Series Lee Gleiser
  3/26/2019 Organ Studio Spring Recital Lee Gleiser

Type: Discussion

  3/4/2016 "St. Matthew Passion," Bach's Monumental work for Chorus and Orchestra, FREE CONCERT Sunday 7:30 PM Lee Gleiser