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Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin

Latest Recipes 4/20 10:00P Kat Boytsova
The tangy, mouthwatering sauce here is inspired by agrodolce, an Italian sweet and sour sauce made by reducing vinegar, sugar, and spices.

Spring Minestrone

Latest Recipes 4/17 10:00P Andy Baraghani
With leeks, fennel, sugar snap peas, and English peas, this soup is perfect for ushering in spring. While it’s definitely a lighter take on the classic minestrone, it gets a lot of depth of flavor from the ground spices, toasted garlic, and white...

White Pesto Pasta

Latest Recipes 4/17 12:00A Carla Lalli Music
This is the direct inverse of the normal basil pesto you know and love. It’s built on a combination of toasted nuts, creamy ricotta, and salty Parmesan, with a little kick coming from raw garlic and fresh oregano. You don’t need a food processor,...

Brothy Meatballs with Peas

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A Alison Roman
Comforting from the simple flavorful broth and bright from the crunchy fresh topping, this dish is a perfect choice for early spring days.

Sausage and Ricotta Cannelloni

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A Chris Morocco
We’re all for a good store-bought marinara (Rao’s is our go-to), especially in a recipe with multiple parts. But there is no substitute for homemade béchamel—of this we can be sure.

Chicken with Lemon and Onions

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A Alison Roman
Roasting two chickens on one baking sheet is an effortless but strategic way to cook for a crowd. As the fat renders, it bastes the vegetables for a built-in side dish.

Broccoli Rabe with Chile and Garlic

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A Chris Morocco
Blanching the broccoli rabe in salted water will temper some of its spicy and bitter bite and make it cook faster in the skillet.

Cabbage Tabbouleh

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A
Have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go before assembling. You don’t want the cabbage to wilt before serving.

Strawberry-Granola Crisp

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A Deb Perelman
Fruit crisps and crumbles are the perfect brunch food, especially when the sugar is kept in check and the oat topping channels granola with olive oil, almonds, and maple syrup. This crisp is barely sweetened, taking advantage of in-season berries...

Smoky Eggplant Dip

Latest Recipes 4/16 12:00A
If you don’t have a grill or a gas stovetop, you can broil the eggplants in the oven, turning occasionally, until charred and tender. They might not end up as smoky, but the final dip will still taste great.

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