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Sheet-Pan Garam Masala Chicken

Latest Recipes 11/24 10:00P Kat Boytsova
Sheet-pan dinners don't have to be boring! Marinating in spiced yogurt gets you a juicy and super-tender chicken every time.

drop cornbread biscuits 11/20 8:10A deb
This past Saturday, we hosted our second Friendsgiving, stuffing 17 people in an apartment that has no business holding 17 people, but it s okay, there s wine for that. Our first one was in 2016; you...

Egg and Merguez Wraps

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Molly Baz
It’s a wrap griddled in sausage fat until the outside is crispy and warm. Need we say more? Just keep the sausage intact at first rather than crumble it into pieces—this helps the meat develop a nice crust.

Raspberry Rugelach

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Chris Morocco
These bright, sweet-tart beauties are the perfect addition to the typical cookie plate. Adding orange zest and salt to store-bought jam gives the filling an extra dimension of flavor without creating a lot of extra fuss. Plus, rather than shape...

Mortadella Appetizer

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Andy Baraghani
This party-ready dish—composed of focaccia, mortadella, and peperoncini—hits all the right notes in a single bite-sized portion, delivering maximum satisfaction with the least amount of friction.

Chocolate-Tahini Linzer Cookies

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Chris Morocco
Melt tahini with chocolate in whatever shade you please for a glossy bittersweet filling that will sandwich together rich cocoa shortbreads. As long as you have one large and one small cookie cutter, they don’t have to be the same shape. Feel free...

Lemon-Pepper Salami Bites

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Andy Baraghani
Bright citrus and fresh-ground pepper put a festive spin on two party staples: Cured meat and Marcona almonds.

Jerk-Spiced Duck

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Chris Morocco
Duck has an unfair reputation for being fussy, but not this recipe. We bathe it in a spiced (nutmeg, allspice) and spicy (habanero) marinade, stick it in the oven, ignore it for five hours, and serve it with fixings for build-it-yourself tacos.

Pimiento Cheese Crackers

Latest Recipes 11/19 9:00P Andy Baraghani
The addictive cheddar cracker is all grown up, thanks to a little heat from the cayenne and a hint of sweet pepper from the pimento. The cheese and butter lend a decent amount of fat, so their melt-in-your-mouth texture keeps you coming back for...

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