Want to know what Park Cities’ partygoers want for Christmas? The answer is quite simple. Valet … because Baby, it’s cold outside!

Nothing ruins perfect hair and make-up quite like a cold, winter night. Women look marvelous as they take a final glance in the mirror, drop their lip-gloss into their handbag, snap it shut and head for the warm, cozy car parked in the garage. The drive to the party is merry and gay as they slowly cruise down Beverly Drive enjoying the holiday lights, reminiscing on holidays past and wondering who might show up at tonight’s party and what will they be wearing only to arrive to house full of cheer and a half block walk that is sure to bring a red nose and watery eyes.

Give the gift of warmth and the assurance of a lovely entrance by providing your holiday party guests the gift of valet.

Delivering your guests in all their splendor!