Ferrari or Kia? Jaguar or Chevrolet?

Many assume that the people with the nicest cars will leave the biggest tips, but that's not always the case. We drive all sorts of luxury cars for people who tip very little or not at all.  And many times, the customers who have experience working in the not-so-glamorous jobs are the ones who have more empathy and tend to tip better.  Remember, valets are typically making minimum wage plus tips.

So, think about ways you can give someone who may be struggling financially a remarkable surprise—with an unexpectedly large tip. Pay it forward. It’s a great feeling.

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It’s your 25th high school reunion. You and your husband arrive at the palatial home of one of your classmates, who is hosting the main event.  They even have valet parking. You are so impressed, and it takes your evening’s experience up a notch or two, for sure! You’ve come a long way since those days when you asked your parents to drop you off a block away from the Homecoming Dance.

With R & R Valet, you know you’ve arrived. We are committed to making your events memorable and special—for hosts and attendees. We provide the highest levels of customer service satisfaction.  Don’t forget guest-parking logistics when you plan your next party.  Whether you are planning a biithday, halloween, graduation, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Christmas or New Year's party, we can help make it hassle free--especially for neighborhoods or residences where parking is limited.

We train our team members to treat each automobile as if it were his or her own.  Give us a call or visit our website, and we can help you entertain like a pro.


Be sure to tell your R & R Valet about any significant car quirks, such as a complex security system, a window that’s stuck, an engine problem -- or aftermarket “Lambo” modifications (such as vertically opening gullwing doors). Your clear communication helps us move more quickly and provide the excellent service you expect. Silence is not so golden in this instance.

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Valet parking is a service job, just like a waitperson in a restaurant or your hairstylist. Pay is based largely on tips, and most valets will usually do their best to earn a good one.  I know ours do.

But we often hear, "How much should I tip?"

A survey of so-called "tipping guides" offered a wide range--anything from $1 to $10. At hotels, it's probably a good idea to tip a little when you drop off the car. There, it's a matter of car volume. A drop-off tip might help insure that the valet will keep it closer.

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Our exclusive shuttle provides easy, seamless transfer for guests between multiple venues associated with your function. Whether you are moving from a restaurant to a concert, bar to bar, or a tailgate to the game, the party never needs to miss a beat for your attendees.

 We’d love to help you with event logistics and planning—perhaps helping you consider options you might have thought too difficult to manage. Contact us at R & R Valet to develop a unique transportation solution for your next event. 

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