Who pays for a parking fender bender? This is one of the most common questions I receive. And, it’s certainly worth asking. Our drivers are the best in the business, but if something unfortunate happens, we stand behind you 100%.   We respect your vehicle and property, and treat them as our own. We are fully insured and carry a $1M policy for Garage Keepers Insurance Liability, which covers any unforeseen damage to your vehicle that an R & R Valet Staff member may cause.  Plus, we carry an additional $1M General Liability Insurance policy, which covers bodily harm or injury in the event of an accident as the result of negligence on the part of any R & R Valet Staff member. Certificates of Proof of Insurance are available upon request.

So, rest assured. You and your guests are covered.  Let us know your thoughts.


There is really a big difference in valet parking companies, and it all comes down to the people.  R & R Valet conducts background/credit checks and requires copies of seven-year driving records, along with a current driver’s license.   

We also know that cars are much more than transportation. That’s why we take extra, white-glove care. For example, we know stick-shift cars, Porsches and BMWs, can be especially tricky, so we do extra training on safely handling special makes and models.  Our drivers know not to drop the clutch or drive at 50 miles per hour in 2nd gear. Many valets are simply not familiar with the intricacies of driving performance cars. We are.  They don't realize how low to the ground they are and sometimes run over the concrete parking stops, scraping up the car. This knowledge sets us apart.  

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