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By now, you've probably heard about the new (and quite genius) concept of PediaQ. The simple app, available on iTunes and based in Dallas, is the new "Uber" of on-demand Pediatric Urgent Care, and is all the rage among DFW area parents. What you might not know, is that they can also test for Flu and Strep in the comfort of your own home, rather than the inconvenience of having to schedule a sick visit at the doctor's office or wait endless in an ER or Urgent Care Clinic. With the easy press of the app, an experienced Nurse Practitioner will call you within 10 min to do an assessment, and within 1 hour - just like Mary Poppins - will show up on your doorstep, waiting to treat your precious child. What could be better? With Cold & Flu season upon us, this time-saving (and germ-limiting) option is just what every parent can use. 

And for the remainder of 2015, PediaQ is offering your 1st visit FREE when you use promo code: GDC 
Download the app today at 
Why PediaQ? 

* Cost-effective - they now accept insurance, and bill just like an Urgent Care Center! 
* Convenience - an experienced Nurse Practitioner will come right to your house 
* Saves time - you don’t have to disrupt your household or other children to leave the house 
* ZERO risk of exposure to germs or illness from other people 
* Your provider will come to you within 1 hour - no more LONG wait times at Urgent Care or in the ER 
* Easy - no need to arrange childcare, babysitters, etc. 

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