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Retired Houston Independent School District math teacher Ruth Kravetz speaks at a protest in June 2023.It was homecoming day at Yates High School, in Houston’s Third Ward, and a raucous late-afternoon pep rally was underway outside the main entrance. The school band, the Marching Motion, played brassy fight songs while cheerleaders waved pom-poms and dancers showed off their moves. But Ruth Kravetz and her small team of volunteers had no time for frivolity. Kravetz made a beeline toward one of the cars in the nearby pickup line, a Chrysler 300, and waited for the driver to roll down the window. At five feet tall, she barely reached the roof of the car.“Hi, we’re trying to get the superintendent out,” Kravetz said, raising her voice to be heard over the band as she handed a petition to the middle-aged Black woman…

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