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Writer-at-large Sean O’Neal at the Plemons family ranch in Mart on December 23, 2023, as photographed by Jesse Plemons.Some of Texas Monthly’s most discerning readers regularly ask me, “When will y’all publish your next article by Sean O’Neal?” They look forward to Sean’s authoritative, witty takes on movies, TV, and music—and his occasional forays into the performative aspects of politics. (His first piece for us, in 2019, delved into the playlists at campaign rallies for Julián Castro and Beto O’Rourke.) Born and reared in Arlington, between Dallas and Fort Worth, Sean knows the state well. And his years spent working outside it have left him curious about how homegrown artists represent us to the wider world. This issue’s profile of rising Texas actor Jesse Plemons marks the first of Sean’s stories to grace our cover. It’s a fine example of his approach to reporting…

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