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texanist baseballQ:  Perusing an ad for vintage baseball T-shirts, I came across one for the long-gone Ballinger Cats, which reminded me that my birthplace, Robert Lee, also once had a team, the Rabbit Twisters. Is baseball in rural Texas still a “thing”?Dr. Ken Davis ConroeA: Many folks will be surprised to learn that Texas, a place crazy about football, was once crazy about baseball. Seemingly every town, no matter how small, fielded a team in one league or another, from amateur to semipro to professional ball—especially during the golden age of the early to mid-twentieth century. The Rabbit Twisters—one of the great team names in a sport full of great team names—played in the amateur Concho Basin league alongside such rivals as the Big Lake-Texon Snipers, the Goodfellow…

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