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Charles-Butt-Texas-HEB-Grocery-Store-CEO-GOP-School-ChoiceUp against the wall, Charles Butt! The Jacobins in the GOP have a new enemy, and it’s the 86-year-old chairman of Texas’s beloved grocery chain, H-E-B. This weekend, party officials in four counties in East and Southeast Texas voted to condemn the “Democrat billionaire” for involving himself in “advocating for policies contrary to the Republican Party of Texas platform.” Among Butt’s alleged offenses against the party: —Advocating against “election integrity.” (Ahead of the 2020 election, Butt publicly supported Harris County, home to Houston, in its quest to send mail-in ballots to all eligible voters.)—Lobbying “against parents’ God-given rights and against empowering parents to choose the education that is best for their children.” (It’s unclear what “God-given rights” Butt opposes—in general, the resolution is poorly worded—but otherwise,…

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