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Celebrity Bracket: Megan Thee StallionIn the very competitive field of contemporary female rappers, one name stands out in the crowd. Well, three names. Megan Thee Stallion a.k.a. Tina Snow a.k.a. Megan Pete possesses the coveted blend of talent, charm, and looks that have propelled her to the top of the pack. The Houston native first caught the attention of rap fans for her fierce freestyles starting in 2013, but she didn’t hit true mainstream success until 2020’s “Savage,” her single that inspired about a bajillion TikTok dance videos and a remix with Beyoncé. Since then, she has released two albums (and is working on her third) and has collaborated with fellow superstars Dua Lipa (on “Sweetest Pie”) and Cardi B (on “WAP,” another TikTok hit). Her burgeoning career hasn’t…

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