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Dr. Pepper overtakes PepsiWHO: Dr PepperWHAT: A new report from the trade publication Beverage Digest about the Texas-born soft drink’s statureWHY IT’S SO GREAT: There are few brands more iconically Texan than Dr Pepper. Why, we here at Texas Monthly have been covering the beverage since our very inception: in the magazine’s first issue, published in February 1973, we ran a 2,500-word essay, “Understanding Dr Pepper,” by former LBJ speechwriter Leo Janos. In the five decades hence, the drink has rarely been far from our hearts. We love Dr Pepper. You love Dr Pepper. We are Texans, and this sweet, sticky, slightly spicy soda runs, if not in our veins, then readily down our throats on a hot day. But does the rest of the country understand? In a…

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