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That’s Not Baby’s Breath: The Cute and Highly Invasive Weeds Taking Over Texas YardsAt first I was charmed by the friendly white microflowers popping up in my backyard. And front yard. And sprouting along the sides of my house. If spotted only in passing, the delicate blooms could easily be mistaken for baby’s breath or maybe Queen Anne’s lace. But I’ve bought enough grocery store bouquets to know only that it was neither of those. Through my free plant identification app I learned the news: I was being infiltrated. Torilis arvensis, known as hedge parsley, sometimes helpfully “spreading hedge parsley,” and other times jokingly “burn it,” has reedy stalks with tops that explode in tiny white flowers come springtime. It grows quickly and can be found in most regions of Texas, but it’s not native to the state or…

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