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Texas Summer Gardening Is Brutal, But These Two Native Species Don’t MindSummer isn’t typically a Texas gardener’s season of choice, and this summer has been especially demoralizing. The heat, the sun, the drought, and the constancy of all three renders plants—and those who tend to them—thirsty, vulnerable, and often discouraged. But there’s also something about the state’s spans of crunchy, sunburned grasses and drab, dormant vegetation that can ignite a desire to nurture and care for something green—to seed and then see something hopeful poke through topsoil and remind you of a more hospitable time of year. If you’ve got a midsummer gardening itch (and have confirmed it is not some sort of bug bite), there are still a few things you can do to responsibly and consciously garden through the warmest months. Andrea DeLong-Amaya, the Lady Bird…

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