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The Ballad of Willy, the Missing Willacy County Rodeo GoatHey Texas Monthly, what’s going on toda—Shh![whispers] What’s going on?You’ll scare away the goat! [whispers] The—the goat . . . ? Willy, the rodeo goat who escaped from the Willacy County Livestock Show down in South Texas. He got out a few days ago, and basically every business in the area has offered to contribute some sort of reward to whoever finds him and returns him safely. (No one seems to know Willy’s gender, but isn’t it just like a male to run away?)[whispers] Oh, shoot! I’m sorry—Never mind, that wasn’t him. Oh.Yeah, but we’re not alone in looking. Willy has become quite the cause célèbre down in the Rio Grande Valley. What makes this goat so special? There are a couple of answers to that question. The first is that all of the…

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