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Reptilandia in Johnson CityOn a Greek mountainside, the adders are courting. Two red-brown male snakes, their noses tipped with tiny horns, wave their heads at a female in sinuous attempts at seduction. Through the glass and across the hall, in a Florida mangrove forest, green anoles strut on branches over basking terrapins and the sleeping bulk of eastern diamondback rattlesnakes. Other massive exhibits fill the dark hallways of Reptilandia, a new reptile zoo just outside of Johnson City. Each enclosure is a portal to a different world: a Madagascan lowland jungle, an Arizona mountainside, a thicket on the Edwards plateau, all with their own cold-blooded cohorts.The zoo, which opened in December 2022 and operates (for now) only on weekends, has a lot to live up to. The hills…

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