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Billboard-Sweetwater-Texas-Vermont-Man-WifeThe smiling, geriatric face, plastered upon a twenty-foot-tall billboard, looms above a four-lane roadway on the edge of Sweetwater, Texas, a dusty 10,000-person town an hour west of Abilene. To the right of the cheerful visage, a desperate message—part personal ad and part hostage-negotiation note—beckons drivers down a romantic rabbit hole in large block letters:  LONELY MALECAN RELOCATESWEETWATERSEEKS FEMALE MARRIAGE MINDED. ENJOY KARAOKE. Like the mysterious monolith that appeared in the Utah desert some years back, this visual mating call has manifested in the most unlikely of locations. Sweetwater, a religious, family oriented community surrounded by prairie, is better known for its annual rattlesnake roundup than its robust singles scene. In fact, according to Karen Hunt, executive director of the Sweetwater chamber of commerce, many…

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