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The Agrihood Boom, Where Farm Meets SuburbiaAt Harvest Green, a master-planned community forty minutes west of downtown Houston, homebuyers can pose as farmers, sticking their faces through holes cut into a peep board painted with a cartoonish agricultural scene. The display sits outside the community center, adorned with dried wheat, galvanized milk jugs, and a chalkboard that welcomes you to “The Farmhouse.” Beyond are rustic windmills, decorative silos, and a sculpture of a carrot that, if real, would smash records at the county fair. Even the street signs read like ingredients on a farm-to-table menu: Bright Butternut, Rich Radish, Saucy Sage.But agrarian life isn’t just a cutesy theme. Harvest Green is home to the Village Farm, where four full-time workers produced 30,000 pounds of USDA-certified organic produce last year. That makes…

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