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Nick Caster, Noah Green, and Christina Caster on the set of Gus Plus Us, at Caster Studios, in Dripping Springs, on March 18, 2024.When you’re a puppet, the simplest act can get complicated quickly. For Gus, the titular star of the children’s show Gus Plus Us, looking at a road map requires his creator, Nick Caster, who controls Gus’s left arm and mouth, to coordinate with another puppeteer who’s working Gus’s right hand. As the two men iron out their choreography, lying shoulder to shoulder atop a wheeled cart parked below the camera frame, the director notes another problem: the map bears the unmistakable curve of the Texas shoreline, a detail that would seem to place Gus—an imaginary blue-tufted creature of an unspecified forest—squarely in our neck of the woods. As the crew debates the potential ramifications of this reveal, I turn to Christina Caster, Nick’s wife—she also…

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