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Trey Kistler in the finishing room at Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, in Magnolia, on April 3, 2024.As a child growing up in the small town of Tomball, about 35 miles northwest of Houston, Trey Kistler loved fishing so much that he would illicitly cast for bass in private ponds in his suburban neighborhood. “If they didn’t shoot at me, then I would sneak in,” he recalls with a laugh. Even back then he favored high-end equipment, no doubt because his father, Billy Kistler, was a cofounder of Houston’s All Star Rods, known for its off-the-shelf graphite bass poles. Trey eventually enlisted in the Army and served in the Middle East during the Gulf War. By the time he came home, in 1991, his dad had cofounded another off-the-shelf rod maker, CastAway. He taught Trey the craft. By 1999, Trey had started his…

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