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Torta ahogada stuffed with carnitas and smothered in salsa.With a multitude of fillings, such as pork and pineapple or tamales, the Mexican torta boasts nearly endless varieties. In the case of a typical torta, the bread is a crusty, oblong bolillo roll or the shorter, squishier telera. One torta, though, stands apart from the rest.“Torta ahogada” translates as “drowned sandwich,” and you’ll know why when you see it. This torta is filled with carnitas (pork cooked in its own lard) and a swipe of refried beans and gets a finishing touch of mild tomato salsa, the spicier tomato-based salsa roja, or both poured over half or all of it. The sandwich maintains its integrity thanks to its uniquely sturdy bread, birote. The product of one of Mexico’s many cross-cultural collaborations, a birote is…

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