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texanist line dancing february 0224Q: A lifelong dream of mine was to go ranching and horseback riding in the U.S., and finally last year my best friend, Maxinne, and I visited Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans and had the time of our lives, so in February we’re doing it again. This time, Texas: horses, country music, and, of course, cowboys (only kidding; I’m married). We’re staying at a ranch in Bandera and then on to the rodeo in San Antonio. What advice can you offer to ensure that we have the safest and best time ever? We are both 56, look 46, and feel 26.Jenny Calverley, Corscombe, EnglandA: Welcome to Texas! By all accounts y’all seem to be a pair of fun-loving lasses, unafraid to cast off the prim-and-proper stereotype…

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