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How Brenham Schoolhouse Hotel Went from Schoolhouse to HotelThe walls of the Brenham Schoolhouse Hotel are so alive with layers and texture, they might actually talk. If so, it would be nice if they could answer some questions. Were the schoolchildren who studied Cicero and German here in 1883 actually attending the first public school in Texas, as some locals claim, or was this just one of the earliest? Did the Dominican nuns from Galveston, sent here in 1909 to start a convent, actually hold mass in the chalkboard-lined classrooms, as one neighbor reported? And who inscribed lines of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poetry on the wall in suite three? Walls, we want answers.When Jake and Meagen Gumm first bought the approximately seven-thousand-square foot Italianate schoolhouse in 2018 and began to pull away the…

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