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Heavy, Wooden Furniture From Grandma’s House is Trendy Again. Thank Round Top.In late December, Lockhart resident Allie Launius uploaded an innocuous-seeming video to TikTok about a rustic piece of furniture she’d recently nabbed from Facebook Marketplace. Launius, owner of the vintage furnishing outpost Stampworthy Goods, knew she’d found something special with this light wooden cabinet, which folded out into a little breakfast nook Murphy table–style, with a cubby for stools tucked underneath. She didn’t expect for the video to go viral though, with millions of plays and hundreds of commenters gushing about the table’s homespun patina and practical potential. Comments poured in, with some viewers exclaiming that it’d be perfect for their work-from-home setup. Others fantasized about repurposing it as either a sewing or hobby cabinet. “It struck a chord with people because it was just so…

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